Website design is the overall set up and construction of a page, which can be extremely vast, as there are countless ways that a web site can be set up. If you are new to building websites, or have no idea how a web site is built, it can seem very complicated, but the reality is that it is fairly simple once you get the hang of it.

The majority of sites start out by adding the program WordPress, which is the most commonly used program to build sites and acts as the platform that allows various things to be added to the site. Every site starts out by purchasing a website name, and then adding the WordPress program to the page, as this is the route that most people will go, although there are a handful of other programs that have come out over the last few years that are stellar as well.

When a website is being built, the individual that is building the page needs to think about what their overall intentions are for building the page. There are various pages that are designed to showcase various art pieces, photography, and generally anything that is used as a type of show case. There are sites that are made simply to sell products, which have a totally different website layout.

The reason that you want to set up your website layout and overall website design to match what you are trying to do with your page, is the simple fact that the design is going to affect how successful you are. For instance, if you want to set up a page to sell products and do not have a website design that is made for maximum sales, your page is not going to do as well as it could have, and therefore you are not going to generate the amount of revenue that was possible if it had a better design.

The bottom line is there are tons of different ways that a page can be set up. Many sites are build with the intention of optimizing their search results through search engine optimization and then filling their pages with affiliate marketing products and advertisements, and if you are building a page under these premises, there are all sorts of ways that your site can be designed.

If you do want to build a website, the easiest way that you can be successful is to talk to a company that specializes in website design and get some professional help, at least when it comes to the overall layout of your page.

It has been statistically proven that certain page layouts and websites designs work better than others in certain applications, so if you want to dodge not getting traffic to your page and not converting on that traffic by capitalizing on the potential revenue streams, you should absolutely go out and find a reputable company to help you with the overall construction of the website you are building.